a site-specific audience-engaging performance that combines the expressionist artist Otto Dix’s brutally sensual universe with an immersive totalinstallation. Idea & concept Isabelle Reynaud /Teater Carbon in collaboration with Teater Fluks. Directed by Isabelle Reynaud. Performed by Kasper Daugaard Poulsen, Iza Mortag Freund, Tone Haldrup Lorenzen Sara F. Søndergaard og Rasmus M. L. Skov Premiere 04.02.2023 ” Nødhospitall” a part of the old Hospital in Aarhus.
Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation & Cultural Development Fund Aarhus, Augustinus Fonden, Knus Højgaards Fond & Goethe Institut in Copenhagen.

SMELTEVAND’s SVANESANG / ‘SWAN SONG’ – a visual concert installation around the swan as a figure inspired by classical music, literature, folk tales and beliefs. Performed and composed by musician Johanne Buus Andersen and visual artist Eva Esmann Behrens.
Consulting director: Isabelle Reynaud.
H.C. Andersen Festivals august 2022 & Aarhus Festuge– sept. 2022

– A Theater Advent Calendar.

4 musical performances about everyday life in a child’s life with all that entails of impatience, expectations and thoughts of those who are missing in the time leading up to Christmas. Author: Louise Juhl Dalsgaard. Actor: Anders Vølpert Momme / Daniel Bevensee. Composition and participating musician: Johanne Buus Andersen. Concept and directed by Isabelle Reynaud. Idea: Theatre Filuren
Danish premieres: 1st and 2nd performance 25 Nov. and 02. dec. 2020 Theater Filuren, Aarhus. 3rd and 4th performance dec. 2020 // canceled // and moved to nov./dec. 2021 as well as 1st and 2nd due to Corona.

LYDSPIL/SOUND TRADE – memories glimpse in sound and narratives
Statens Kunstfond # Huskunstnerordning./ The Danish Arts Council Artist in Residency- program
How to create an audio narrative with children of their own flashbacks from the time with Covid-19? In collaboration with the 1st grade of Møllevangskolen in Aarhus, the sound of the lockdown time and its accompanying longing is recreated. ” Artist in Residency/Stage Director” with musician Johanne Buus Andersen autumn / winter 2021. A collaboration between Møllevangskolen Aarhus. & Teaterhuset Filuren.

Concept and directed by Isabelle Reynaud
Idea and performed by Bodil Lassen
A poetry performance based on poems by polish poet and nobel prize winner Wislawa Szymborska.
Produced by Teater 9Liv i & Carbon,. Åbne Scene, Aarhus. 2016, Oslo Internasjonale Poesifestival 2018, Odense Lyrik – poesifestival 2018, Bådteatret & Denmark tour 2021.

Philosophical children’s performance that questions the hierarchical order and rules. It is about belonging, breaking out and coming together despite and across. Award-winning script: Carsten Brandau. With: Jakob Kirkegaard, Anders Vølpert Momme and Rasmus Skaarup. Composer: Line Felding. Co-translator and directed by Isabelle Reynaud.
Denmark premiere, Theater Filuren, 6 February 2020 &  2021.

World premiere
Idea and directed by: Isabelle Reynaud
Sitespecifik documentary theatre in the city of Aarhus. Life stories and photographs of the older generation.
Performed by: Bent Oxenvad, Ellen Juul, Eric B. Andersen, Kirsten Hedegaard etc.
Produced by  Carbon / Aarhus Festuge 2011 (Aarhus Festival 2011) and FO-Aarhus.
Idea and directed by: Isabelle Reynaud.
Monologues: Jens Blendstrup, K-M Edelfeldt, Trisse Gejl, Tove Haraldsted
With Brita Ann Larsen, Julie Riis among others.
Carbon at EntréScenen. 2006/2008
Directed by: Isabelle Reynaud
Theatre and video exhibition about 100 years of women’s history
Written by Kirsten Thonsgaard.
Women’s Museum in Aarhus, Gellerupscenen, Huset –  Aarhus Festuge 2006 (Aarhus Festival 2006)
Concept and directed by: Isabelle Reynaud
Danish world premiere. A theatre play written by playwriter Sameh Mahran about the egyptian standard morality put into perspective with “Porn-Denmark”.
Written by Sameh Mahran / Jens Blendstrup / Isabelle Reynaud.
Performer: Kathrine Høj Andersen, Olaf Højgaard ect.
Staged on the second World War Tug “Jacob” at Aarhus Harbour.
Produced by  Carbon, Aarhus. 2005
World premiere
Directed by: Isabelle Reynaud
Written by Christian Lollike. A theatre play about a gang rape.
Performer: Claus Flygare, Johnannes Lilleøre ect.
Produced by Katapult / Café Theater 2004
Denmark Tour 2007
World premiere
Directed by : Isabelle Reynaud
Theatre Monologue written by Tove Haraldsted. A theatre play about narcissism and its consequences.
Performed by Olaf Højgaard.
Produced by  Carbon / EntréScenen, Aarhus 2003
Denmark Tour 2004
World premiere
Idea, script development and directed by: Isabelle Reynaud
Manuscript by Trisse Gejl. A theatre play about living the single life.
Performed by Vibeke Ankjær, Mette Kolding, Birgitte Federspiel
Produced by Carbon / EntréScenen, Aarhus 2003
SPOR/ / SPOR (Track // Track)
World premiere
Idea and directed by: Isabelle Reynaud
Written by Tove Haraldsted. A theatre play about the life stories of the dancer and choreographer Nini Theilade and the componist and pianist Ilja Bergh and their artistic visions for the new millennium
Performed by Nini Theilade, Ilja Bergh, Anne-Louise Hassing and Niels Bender.
MBT Dance Theatre, Aarhus. 2000
Produced by Carbon
International semi-professional theatre project about feeling foreign.
Idea and directed by: Isabelle Reynaud
Staged at Entré Scenen, Aarhus 1997
Denmark Tour 1997
By Bertolt Brecht
Directed by: Isabelle Reynaud
With Katy Dymoke,
Scene from “The Third Reich fear and misery”,
MBT Dance Theatre, Aarhus. 1992