EN LILLE ÉN web-theatre

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Production: Hope Denmark – 2009
Idea, stage design and directed by: Isabelle Reynaud

A web theatre film based on adult children coming from a home with alcoholic parents. Which dreams and demons runs your life when you have lost your childhood to others drinking?

33 were interviewed, 3 playwrights distilled, and finally monologues, life glimpse and songs mixed together…

Written by: Tove Haraldsted, Jens Blendstrup and  Trisse Gejl
Performer: Julie Riis, Rolf Hansen, Anni Bjørn, Peter Michaelsen, Brita Ann Larsen, Iza Mortag Freund.
Produced by: Radiator Film

The web theatre film EN LILLE ÉN is based on the theatre play EN LILLE ÉN, which had premiere at EntréScenen Aarhus in 2006.