An experiment on how it is possible to adapt cinematographic tools to the theatre? Is it possible to zoom in on an actor or a prop on stage?

We combined our expertise to zoom in on relevant locations, moments, body parts etc. in order to learn when, how and what we wanted to zoom and why. Both the cartoonist Lars Kramhøft and the cinematographer Erik Zappon documented the entire process.

ZOOM , Laboratoriet  Time: May 14-17, 2013,    Venue: BoraBora dans og visuelt teater.

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A Danish-Israeli performing arts experiment exploring whether documentary theatre is more ‘trustworthy’ because it is based on memories, and whether the claim “memories are objectively true” is reliable.

The experiment tested the credibility and the “validity of truth” of memories in different experimental se

tups where mothers and daughters separately recall joint significant episodes. Afterwards the joint memories were studied in order to identify their credibility regarding time, place, gallery of characters and emotions.
Mothers and Daughters Memories, Laboratoriet  Time: October, 2012,    Venue: BoraBora dans og visuelt teater.

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International digital knowledge-bank about performing art methods. In collaboration with Barbara Simonsen & Deborah Vlaeymans – LABORATORIET by BoraBora

Interview of 37 international performers and stage artists including Helgard Haug Rimini Protokoll, Jan Fabre, Staffan Holm, Heiner Goebbels, SIGNA, Eugenio Barbra, Richard Lowdon-Forced Entertainemt, Kirsten Dehlholm – Hotel Pro Forma , Jerôme Bel, Richard Foreman


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