a site-specific audience-engaging performance that combines the expressionist artist Otto Dix’s brutally sensual universe with an immersive totalinstallation. Idea & concept Isabelle Reynaud /Teater Carbon in collaboration with Teater Fluks. Directed by Isabelle Reynaud. Performed by Kasper Daugaard Poulsen, Iza Mortag Freund, Tone Haldrup Lorenzen Sara F. Søndergaard og Rasmus M. L. Skov Premiere 04.02.2023 ” Nødhospitall” a part of the old Hospital in Aarhus.
Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation & Cultural Development Fund Aarhus, Augustinus Fonden, Knus Højgaards Fond & Goethe Institut in Copenhagen.

a music-literary journey based on Louise Juhl Dalsgaard’s memory collage ‘Things I think about’ and new cello compositions by Line Felding. A space to share thoughts and tones under the open sky – together, walking and sensing.
Idea, concept and directed by Isabelle Reynaud..
A collaboration between Carbon and Aarhus Literature Center.
LiteratureXchange 2022 – Marselisborg Forest June 2022.
Supported by the Cultural Development Fund Aarhus ,Music City Aarhus 2022 and FO.

FREMLEJE / APARTEMENT FOR RENT– two reading experiences of the same text staged in to different locations. A performative videoinstallation, an experiment. A  guidet performance based on a short story by the Estonian writer Ilmar Taska. Idea, concept and directed by Isabelle Reynaud..
Supported by the Cultural Development Fund Aarhus and Literature Center Aarhus. LiteratureXchange & Carbon, June 2020. //cancelled//  moved to june 2021 caused Corona

NOK- DIGTE OG TONER I DET FRI/ ENOUGH – A POETIC JOURNEY is based on Louise Juhl Dalsgaard Corona poetry collection ‘today we shall not die’ and cello music composed by Line Felding.  A poetic musical journey taking os away from quarantine and isolation and out into the open space. Idea, concept and directed by Isabelle Reynaud. A collaboration between Carbon and Aarhus Literature Center and Syddjurs Library. Helgenæs, Lushage, May 2021.
Supported by  Culture Fund Syddjurs.

MOVING SPACES site-specific installation- and performance events in 7 major cities of Midtjylland. In cooperation with Kasper Daugaard Poulsen (2017/2018). Produced by Theater Sea change. Supported by The Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, and the States Art Foundation.
OPENING A WINDOW– a permanent Window- installation in the City of Silkeborg,
1 HOUSE 10 PRESENTATIONS, interactives planchets, TIME CAPSULE messages to the future in Ringkøbing.
 SOUND, SOAP BUBBLES an SCENT Installation in Aarhus 2017  and WHEN A PLACES CHANGES IT’S TUNES – An artistic bid to include inflamed rooms and various language into the city (Nov.2011, Oct. 2012 and 2013, August / Sept. 2017 Aarhus).
CITY BY THE FJORD – THE FJORD BY THE CITY- (two year duration) double photo work  in Ringkøbing in collaboration with Barbara Simonsen and Kasper D. Poulsen. (2018)

EN KAT I EN TOM LEJLIGHED/ A CAT IN AN EMPTY APARTMENTa poetry performance based on poems by Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska. Wislawa Szymborska’s poems, which describes all aspects of everyday life from the smallest of things up to big political issues. Concept and directed by Isabelle Reynaud, Idea and performed by Bodil Lassen.
Teater 9LIV in collaboration with Carbon, Åbne Scene, Århus ( june and nov. 2016), Oslo Internasjonale Poesifestival – nov. 2017 and Odense Lyrik poesifestival – marts 2018 , DK-tour march 2020. // cancelled // moved to mai 2021- cause Corona

ZOOM an experiment on how is it possible to adapt cinematographic tools to the theatre? Is it possible to zoom in on an actor or a prop on stage?”  In collaboration with the cartoonist Lars Kramhøft , the cinematographer Erik Zappon ,the lihgting designer Peer Mariboe and the actress Bodil Lassen.
Concept and directed by: Isabelle Reynaud . Laboratoriet by BoraBora (May 2013)

AARHUS ANSIGTET/THE FACE OF AARHUS is the result of the international performing arts – experiment All the people in my city. Idea and concept: The Artistic Board; Isabelle Reynaud, Jean-Francois Peyret, David Fischer, Lisa Marrani and Deborah Vlaeymans . LABORATORIET at EntréScenen. (June 2011)

HØR MINE FORBLØFFENDE FOTOGRAFIER / LISTEN TO MY AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHS: Documentary theatre in the city of Aarhus. Life stories and photographs of the older generation. Idea and “mise en scène” Isabelle Reynaud.
Produced by Theatre C-arbon / Aarhus Festuge 2011 (Aarhus Festival 2011)

TRIPLETS: Documentary theatre/film about 3 women from 3 continents, all born in the summer of 1966. Told in the real and virtual world.  Will be staged in China, Zimbabwe and Denmark .
Idea, koncept and “mise en Scène” Isabelle Reynaud. Dramaturgy Birgitte K. Kjær. Research in Aarhus, Harare, Hanoi and Bejing. Produced by Carbon and Women’s Museum in Aarhus, spring 2012

DÉT LØGN / PACK OF LIES – one must hear the truth from children or drunks: 5 comedy film spots performed by Laura Kvist, Rasmus Botoft ect .
Idea and directed by Isabelle Reynaud. Concept and manuscript Isabelle Reynaud and Birgitte K. Kjær. Produced by Staal Film. TUBA  (May/June 2012)

MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS MEMORIES – Israeli/Danish experiment about documentary theatre and mothers and daughters memories in order to investigate whether a real memory is objectively true. With the israelian actresses Orit Nahmias and Ayelet Robinson and their mothers, and the dancer Dana Ruttenberg as well the danish actress Gitte Kielberg and her mother.              LABORATORIET by Bora Bora (oct .2012)