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Rehearsal Matters

International digital knowledge-bank about performing art methods. In collaboration with Barbara Simonsen & Deborah Vlaeymans – LABORATORIET by BoraBora

Performing arts professionals from 11 countries are interviewed about their work methods, personal experiences, ideas and dreams for the rehearsal process. They represent different ages, traditions and fields of profession. The central questions are: What is the most important condition for a good rehearsal process? What is the greatest problem of the process? What would you change or try out, if anything was possible?

Rehearsal Matters is not statistics, but a series of candid and intimate reflections, practical experience and visions – to the inspiration and use of artists, researchers, students and anyone who is interested in creative processes.

The interviews are collected on this website, full-length in writing, and with extracts on video. When the website is fully developed, the interviews can be found in English and Danish.And the videos with English subtitles.

Concept, interviews and videos: Isabelle Reynaud, Deborah Vlaeymans and Barbara Simonsen.

Interview and info of 37 international stagediretors, choreographer and performers, including Helgard Haug Rimini Protokoll, Jan Fabre, Staffan Holm, Heiner Goebbels, SIGNA, Eugenio Barbra, Cathrine Poher, Richard Lowdon-Forced Entertainemt, Kirsten Dehlholm, Jerôme Bel, Richard Foreman.